Frux Group is pleased to announce our partnership with well known European/DP Tour player Marcel Siem.

Frux group is pleased to announce our partnership with Marcel Siem, the renown European/DP tour player and a four time European Tour winner. He partnered with Bernhard Langer and won the World Cup in 2006. His biggest victory was in the 2014 BMW Masters event held in China, where he scaled high with a seventh place finish in the race to Dubai.

After ruling the roost for years on end as the European Tour player, he entered the 2021 challenge tour after his European tour playing rights ended. As they say, great minds never stay idle! He played 13 golf tournaments consequently, and triumphed with flying colours at the Le Vaudreuil Golf Challenge. He won the final spot at the 149th Open at Royal St George held in France the next week, and became an instant fan favourite.

In 2021, he participated in the Road to Mallorca Rankings. After sustaining in the top 10 after the 3rd round, he eventually finished as 15th. When playing in Mallorca Open in 2021, Marcel was an integral part of Frux Group's Pro-Am team, along with Roger Hedin, Ian Gow, and Marc Duabach.


Marcel with Roger Hedin after his spot on the european/DP tour for 2022

We have to say that being part of our team nurtured a beautiful camaraderie between the 4. After The Mallorca Open, Marcel stayed on to play in the final of the Rolex Challenge Tour 'Road To Mallorca. ' After a couple of weeks, the team got the chance to spend more time together and this further enriched their friendship.

As Frux Group shared a good rapport with the team, especially Marcel, we were happy to offer him a supporting partnership which he gladly accepted.

The Frux family Wishes you many more wins Marcel! Keep shining!



Partnered with Bernhard Langer World Cup Winner

Le Vaudreuil Golf Challenge Winner

Hole in one winner, Nice Car Marcel

Trophée Hassan II WINNER


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